Chemical Resistance Butterfly Valves Manufacturers India


Indian valves manufacturers have presented the new chemical resistant butterfly valves are available in different large size diameter that's based upon on model of valves. The special component of this valve are a disc and liner both are made of polyvinylidene fluoride and polytetrafluorethylene. This valve is provided excellent substance level of resistance and efficiency abilities across a wide heat range range. These types of butterfly valves are suitable for different industrial application such as: chemical processing, chlorine electrolysis, food and beverage industries, steel industries, pulp and paper industries.


By combining the two top rated plastic materials of PVDF and PTFE, these types of new butterfly valves are provided remarkables balance, low leaking in the framework as well as substance level of level of resistance for providing incredibly aggressive media.Specifically, three individual sealing components are used: A polytetrafluorethylene profile closure in the seal passage, a dual inner shaft seal on both ends of the shaft, and special profile flange closure with a wider contact face.

These types of butterfly valves are available in two different designs like Type 567 Wafer style and Type 568 Lug style valve. Type 567 Wafer style is available in different sizes between 2 to 12" and made with glass filled polypropylene compatible with DIN flanges. The Type 568 Lug Style Valve is also available in different sizes between 2 to 8" and is designed of stick powder covered ductile metal with an ANSI 150 secure pattern. Both butterfly valves give a practical heat range of -20º to 120 ºC and can be pneumatically actuated. Other excellent features consist of bi-directional ability and a high psi ranking of 150.

The new valves have integrated the proven dual eccentric working concept that provides enhanced wear and easier function over conventional eccentric style butterfly valves. The dual eccentric design also decreases the twisting required to function the device, making for easy guide function and use of smaller sized actuators at a considerably inexpensive. The types of butterfly Valves is available with a wide range of flip elements for the best possible versatility for system development or alternative. chemical resistance butterfly valves manufacturers India are using high grade materials and also give the best custom solution of butterfly valves. For more information, contact the reputed manufacturers and exporters of butterfly valves India.