How to increase demand of ball valves in global export market?

Ball valves are utilized in every engineering process where control of flow is a must. These are easy to use and are capable of maintaining and regulating three things namely high volume, high temperature flow and high pressure. Keeping at par with the latest industrial demands, Ball Valves Exporters India use the most up to date machines for developing sophisticated ball valves for critical applications.


The best part is these can also be customized as per clients details and specifications. Superior quality coupled with economical packaging are the strengths of these manufacturers. They ensure that the raw material is procured from a reputed and leading vendor and is in compliance with the standard specifications and above all pass through strict quality checks prior to being finally dispatched to the clients.

Material used while producing best Ball Valves :

-  Brass
-  Cast iron
-  Bronze
-  Copper ductile iron
-  Stainless steel
-  Metal alloys
-  Plastics (PVC and CPVC)
-  Other steel types

Wide areas of application :

With engineering excellence, expert approach and latest cutting technologies has enabled the ball valves exporters in setting a high standard in the industrial domain. The variegated ball valves manufactured by them are used in a wide array of industries such as,

-  Gas sampling lines
-  Analyzer labs
-  Pilot plants
-  Refineries
-  Pneumatic systems
-  On/off shore
-  High-pressure instrument lines
-  Chemical industry
-  Pharmaceutical industry
-  Oil industry
-  Corrosive and cryogenic processes

Operating principle of ball valves :

Ball valves are valves having spherical discs. These are utilized in turning gas and liquid flows on and off fully with a quarter turn of the ported balls within the valves from a powered actuator or handle. The handle fixed to the ball turns the ball from the exterior of the valve shell. These balls come with a hole at the center that allows the passage of water.

The valve opens when the hole gets positioned in the similar direction like the passageway and it is closed when the ball gets positioned where the ball’s solid portion is in the passageway of the liquid flow. Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from quarter-inch opening to foot wide, these ball valves are capable of holding up to 10,000 pounds/square inch and within 200 degrees Celsius.


Owing to its design, the offered range of ball valves is highly versatile and are capable of withstanding large stress and hence are quickly adaptable to solenoid or handbook operation. Being technically advanced, the ball valves exporters India facilitates the manufacturing of these ball valves par excellence.