Globe Valves Manufacturers India – a vital role in global market

The globe valve manufacturers have carved a niche for themselves both in the domestic and the international market. They are engaged in developing superior globe valves that are offered in different patterns such as straight patterns, angle patterns, needle designs and oblique patterns. These globe valves are developed by Globe Valves manufacturers in India from top-notch raw materials and advanced machinery and are checked on well-defined parameters for ensuring that the offered range are in compliance with the industry quality standards. The wide range of valves offered by these manufacturers are extensively utilized for keeping pressure under control, for preventing the back flow as well as controlling the cylinder speed.


Functional Areas :

The globe valves are apt for clean gas and liquid, corrosive and inert media, depending on how these are specially designed by the globe valve manufacturers. This style of valve is suitable for higher temperatures, fast cycle duties and control applications. Often these are also utilized for steam control. Its key area of usage is in the mechanical engineering industry, diverse industrial applications as well as sub-areas of biotechnology, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Key components of a globe valve

For ensuring that the parts of the globe valve execute excellent performance throughout, every part is properly installed by the manufacturers thereby ensuring its proper functioning.

The key parts of a globe valve include,

- Body
- Bonnet
- Stem
- Plug or disk
- Handwheel
- Seat

 Working principle

The globe valves are utilized for regulating the liquid flow in a pipeline. One of the most common components of globe valves are the standard water faucets. A disc is raised and lowered when the handle or wheel is turned. Here the water supply gets shut off when the dics are fully lowered. The water flows at its utmost rate when the discs are fully raised.


A globe valve is a preferred choice compared to other valve types with ample benefits to ponder at. This has been due to the constant efforts and dedication of the globe valve manufacturers that has reaped into a lucrative domain.